Tuesday, 8 May 2012

That was interesting

Two days ago we shot Scene 8 of WINTER. Why just scene 8?

A couple of reasons: we needed to test out the whole green-screen production process; and we needed a promotional snapshot to look for more funding.

Scene 8 has several factors to its benefit: it features two of the three main characters, it's their first meeting, provides some background food for thought, some mystery, and it features major CGI work.

The CGI involves the night-time set on a Victorian street, rain, moving steampunk elements and live action incorporated into it. It's a perfect introduction to both the story and our ability to achieve the effects required.

Chris, the Director, is frantically editing in order to deliver the scene to the CGI chap who will integrate the set and moving graphics into the scene.

And the finished product goes to Cannes. Which is where your funding comes in.


To help us finish the whole thing and deliver.

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