Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Crunching time

We have set a date for shooting the full series of Winter, it's entirely possible we won't shoot exactly then but it's like writing a story, you need to have a place you're aiming for.

You know what's it's like when you're with a bunch of people trying to decide whether you're going to the pub, or going for an Indian, or what you want to watch at the pictures? You try to be all democratic about it, let everyone have their say.

You know how it wastes a huge amount of time and you end up not doing anything, or just the thing you always do?

You remember how rubbish that is?

But if someone just decides and does it, things work out so much better. Okay, maybe one person doesn't like Indian. Well that's unfortunate but at least people get to eat before they're gnawing at each other's limbs or going nuts from hypoglycemia.

Producing's like that. You can be all accommodating and nice, trying to find a date that satisfies everyone. And you never will. You have to put your foot down with a firm hand and say "Fish and Chips".

It's not a democracy.

Thing is this: we (Director Chris and I) had our hearts set on a specific pair of actors for two of the roles. One of them has readily agreed to appear. The agreeable actor has spoken to the other actor about it (they are personal friends), and he is not disinterested. But the other's agent is being ... uncommunicative. I get it, the other actor is currently a big name, appears in one of the biggest films of 2012. And we're nobody.

So I've been hanging on, and hanging on, and hanging on. Is it two or three months now? I'm not even sure.

But there are others who would suit, some with bigger names, so the time has come to say "Well if his agent comes back with a yes before anyone else then that's great but we're shooting next summer and this part needs to be filled."

So let's look at the alternatives. And I am.