Thursday, 31 May 2012

It's not real!

I'm going to be a bit naughty here but I'm not apologising.

Our filming of Scene 8 of Winter, a few weeks ago now (how time flies) has been getting the CGI treatment and you know how they do those split screen thingies showing the very same shot before and after? Well I'm not doing that.

But I am going to give the feel of it by showing you two shots, a before and an after, just not cleverly cut together and probably not the same bit. It's naughty because this is not the finished CGI but I'm just so excited.

So here's a photo from the studio, you can see our two actors behind all the equipment in the brightly lit greenscreen area:

And now here's a similar shot, early version, with the CGI in place:

And I think that's pretty cool.

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