Saturday 2 March 2013

Screaming pitch

I have been remiss. I have been so focused on the KickStarter campaign we're running to shoot and produce our steampunk webseries that I have completely failed to mention it here.

So here we are, sitting at just over £2K, barely 3% of the target made, and we have just a few days to go.

We haven't been idle - Liz, our Publicist, has been promoting to all sorts of online locations - some of you will have heard about us through that work. There's been Twitter, of course, and Facebook.

Chris (the Director), Chris (the Composer) and I were interviewed only yesterday for a Steampunk music podcast. All these things help to get our name out to the target market. But it's tough going.

So what's a Producer to do?

If we don't succeed through crowdfunding it means we have to do it through independent financing and that means we lose some control, we may have to compromise with the final product and we don't want to do that.

We could give up now, say Thanks for your support, and we'll be back or we could play The Game.

If you backed our project so you want to see it happen, if you're reading this you have an interest in seeing it happen. So we have The Game.

The Game works like this:

Today (and each day remaining) you find 1 new person to back this project (friends, family, whoever). It doesn't matter how much they back us for, could be £1 could be £1000 - it really doesn't matter because there is an average and that's fine.

And every day every that new person (in addition to you) finds one other person to back us.

That's it. And in a few days we will reach the target.

Because once the numbers start to mount up it automatically pulls in interest from elsewhere: success breeds success and people flocking to the site because the coverage will be awesome and people will  just back it because. And it will be because you played the Game.

We won't be resting on our laurels. We'll still be pushing and getting people in to help.

But remember this is just a game, it's supposed to be fun, so let's enjoy it. Here's what you do:

Make sure you've backed us, then create a list of 12 people you know who might back us, get in touch, tell them about this crazy game we're playing and get them to come to the site  and get them to back us.

Everybody likes playing games and this is one where everybody can win!