Friday 2 March 2012

Bad Winter

I fear this project has got into a bit of trouble and may have gone off the rails. The positive aspects of the concept and the original draft have been surrendered to completely alter the story universe.

Said a reader, along with other things of a concerned nature. This was back in August 2010 and it was the first draft of the new Steampunk version still six episodes and still involving a Scientist (Prof Winter), his Daughter (Talia) and the Boy, who's name is now Peter.

This new script opened with a huge set-piece scene-setter of a Voidship landing on the lawns of the Royal Palace of Heaton in north Manchester - because Manchester is now the capital of Great Britain. This is not completely outrageous as it turns out that when Disraeli was Prime Minster he wanted to move the capital from London to Manchester (because of all the industry). In the real world Queen Victoria objected, she hated Manchester, so it never happened. In our world she did not object quite so much, so it happened.

After which there was a terrorist attack from Quebec Separatists, which Talia foils with the help of Peter. There is also a cute mechanical dog. Aspects of that part of the story occupy the first three episodes, while the second three are different. One of the main criticisms. On the positive side there are new aspects introduced which, as the reader put it there was a poignancy about that, connected with grief and love, which was truly touching.

I won't say what that is since that aspect survived to the present.

Part 1: Early Winter
Part 2: Winter's zenith
Part 3: Next Winter
Part 4: Bad Winter (this one)