Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Who'd be a producer?

Me apparently. But please, before you even think of sending me your script - DON'T. Seriously. If you send me a script: (a) I won't look at it; (b) I will delete it; (c) I won't reply. I might even put a permanent block on your email.

No, in fact, (d) I WILL put a permanent block on your email. Because if you read this and still decide to send me a script then you are definitely not someone I'd want to work with.

I am only interested in producing my own projects, and currently that means WINTER. OK? Got that? Good.

There are downsides to being a producer: there's the issue outlined in the above paragraphs; and then, as a producer, you have to know when to say "No". Even when you're working on a low budget project like WINTER where people are giving their time and effort for free. Because there are some people who will hook up with you who are just trouble. They will pretend to help but will just eat up your time and your limited resources.

You have to be able to spot these people and cut them out. Failure to do so has the potential to destroy your project. One of them might not be too bad but if you get two or three, you're doomed. Remembering this makes it easier to say no.

And there is a certain amount of stress, though if you're sufficiently organised that shouldn't be too bad. (Stress is mostly caused by the pretend helpers anyway.)

But mostly it is fun. Most people want to help genuinely, and putting a team together is exciting. But once that team is together it's a steamroller.

The trick with producering is that you have to stay ahead because steamrollers don't make good decisions.

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